Building Surveys and House Purchase Reports

Building Surveys

The purchase of a house, or a business premises is one of the most important decisions which we make. A Residential or Commercial/Industrial Building Survey, from David Simmonds Associates, investigates the property in eight detailed sections and allows you to make an informed decision on your purchase, including, perhaps, renegotiation of the price, to take into account defects identified in the Survey. Building Surveys were formally known as Structural Surveys.

House Purchase Reports

For dwellings, of standard construction, built since approximately 1950, we are happy to provide a less detailed survey and report, the House Purchase Report. This survey is a visual inspection, with the report presented on our own pre-printed forms.


We regret that we are not Valuers and we do not offer a Valuation service.

Please telephone or email us, with details of the property which you intend to purchase, for a fixed price quotation, for either type of survey.

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